hi beautiful take a sit and relax…

Being a woman is an amazing and completed thing and even more, if you are a mother in the same time. To keep shining everyday, we need to find the way how to give ourself just a little more time. Sometimes, just five minutes can make miracles to continue feeling fine, confidant and to reflect this all out. As a woman, I completely agree that saying it is more easy and as a mother I understand, that sometimes is equal with impossible. I think the solution is to start step by step and during the time, we can learn and more appreciate that few minutes, what we had spent with caring our spirit and body. Lets start ones a week, in 10 minutes doing something what makes us feeling relaxed. For example peacefully drinking a tea in evening or reading a motivation book, or putting a mask and waiting that promised effect. Believe me, you are going to feel alive and you will have more patient and power for your job or the hole day after. This can make us breaking the everyday monotony and shine us up a little more. We need that “me time” for sure, because nothing is more beautiful and amazing than a kind woman with full of life and confidence.
Love yourself and give yourself that quality ten minutes break!
xoxo M&M